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Recent roles


Fragrant Harbour (Hafen der Düfte) with Veronica Ferres, Russell Wong, Herbert Knaup, Matthew Marsh and Yu Beng Lim.  Based on the novel by Harold Nebenza. Directed by Peter Gersina for teamWorx Television & Film GmbH.


Das Traumschiff (The Dream Ship) with Nick Wilder, Heide Keller and Siegfried Rauch. Directed by Stefan Bartmann for ZDF.


Gila Baby (Crazy Baby) directed by Kabir Bhatia for Filmscape and Grand Brilliance.


Recent news

​June 2018 – Filming began on The Heights by Matchbox Pictures for the ABC Australia and NBC America. Fong plays the role of Benny.

August 2019 - Shooting The Heights Season 2.

January 2020 - Shooting movie Talbis Iblis (The Devils Deceptions).

Directed by Kabir Bhatia

November 2021 - Uploaded new showreel in CLIPS or you can view it at.


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